Moriah LeFebvre


                                     University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

                                     B.A., Studio Art, May 2010 with Highest Distinctions

                                     Cumulative GPA 3.85


                                     University of North Carolina School of the Arts:

                                     Winston-Salem, NC. August 2001-May 2003. I applied and

                                     was accepted to UNCSA after my sophomore year of high

                                     school. At sixteen yeras old I left home and moved to

                                     Winston-Salem to pursue my passion. I devoted two years of

                                     rigorous study to drawing, design, sculpture, and art history,

                                     in addition to meeting all state-required general education

                                     requirements. My artistic exposure and training was very

                                     broad, diverse, and intensive. My training culminated in a

                                     senior thesis (a multi-media retrospective) displayed for a

                                     week in the campus gallery and open to the public. I

                                     graduated from UNCSA in May 2003.


                                     UNC Dean’s List:

                                     Chapel Hill, NC. 2008-2010. Named to the UNC Dean’s

                                     List for the following semesters: fall 2008, spring 2009, fall

                                     2009, and spring 2010.

                                     Tau Sigma National Honor Society:

                                     Chapel Hill, NC. 2008. Became a member of the Tau Sigma

                                     National Honor Society (which recognizes the academic

                                     achievement of transfer students.

                                     AA Academic Achievement:

                                     Durham, NC. 2008. Honored by Durham Technical

                                     Community College for Associate of Arts

                                     Academic Achievement.

                                     Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Nomination:

                                     Durham, NC. 2008. Nominated by Durham Technical

                                     Community College for the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship.

                                     Superior Achievement Award:

                                     Durham, NC. 2006-2007. I was placed on the President’s

                                     List for superior academic achievement at Durham Technical

                                     Community College.

                                     The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and

                                     William Magnum Fine Art: 

                                     Durham, NC. 2003. Recieved a Certificate of Merit for

                                     Excellence in Visual Art.

                                     North Carolina State Fair:

                                     Raleigh, NC. 2002. Won first place in “Arts and Photography”

                                     in the state; won a $200 art education scholarship.

                                     National Art Honor Society:

                                     Durham, NC. 2000. I was inducted as a member of the

                                     National Art Honor Society in November 2000.


                                     Duke Center for Documentary Studies:

                                     Durham, NC. August 2007. I participated in the “Literacy

                                     Through Photography” program. I was trained in the LTP

                                     methodology (brainchild of Wendy Ewald) so that I could

                                     take my own students through the process.


                                     Commissioned Portraiture:

                                     Durham, NC; Winston-Salem, NC; Wilmington, NC. 2001-

                                     present. I was commissioned to do my first portrait in 2001.

                                     In the years since then I have completed many commissions

                                     (in varying frequency). I have gained a breadth of

                                     professional experience this way.

                                     Urban Renewal Project:

                                     Durham, NC. January 2008. I was hired by Drakeford &

                                     Associates to illustrate the proposed renovations and

                                     transformations of three properties in inner-city Durham.

                                     Upon completion, my illustrations were attached to the

                                     grant proposals submitted to the city.

                                     Dr. Phail Wynn Commission:

                                     Durham, NC. December 2007. I was commissioned by

                                     Durham Technical Community College’s Support Staff

                                     Planning Committee to do a portrait of outgoing president

                                     Dr. Wynn. The portrait was given to him to honor him upon

                                     his departure and to thank him for his decades of devoted


                                     Walltown Children’s Theater:

                                     Durham, NC. June-August 2006; June-August 2007. I spent

                                     two summers teaching at WCT, a nonprofit program aimed at

                                     providing underprivileged youth with access to the arts.

                                     WCT classes primarily include the performing arts, but in an

                                     effort to broaden their focus, the co-directors hired me as

                                     their visual art teacher. I was responsible for taking

                                     inventory, ordering supplies, and designing curricula. I

                                     taught classes to groups of kids ranging in age from 4 to 12

                                     years old,  incorporating a variety of approaches in a variety

                                     of media (ranging from sculpture to self-portraiture). Each

                                     session culminated in a gallery showing of the children’s

                                     work that I orchestrated.


                                     Inter-personal communication skills with children and

                                     adults, public speaking, team-building skills, competence in

                                     a range of artistic media, experience designing age-

                                     appropriate curricula.

                                     Motivation, dedication, tirelessness, committment to

                                     serving the community, empathy, diplomacy.


                                     Available upon request.


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